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What is a Discovery Summit?

A Discovery Summit is a premier event that uses a transparent process to bring emerging technologies and disruptive innovations to the attention of government leaders, program managers, and technologists. The primary goals of Discovery Summits are technology discovery and access to innovation already inside the Government, specifically focused on the needs of the host Agency or Department. Discovery Summits are run by the non-profit Foundation for Innovation and Discovery (FINND).

How did Discovery Summits come about?

Discovery Summits were born out of the frustration of government mission focused personnel and technologists tired of seeing "the same old crowd" of technologies at industry days and tech expos.

How does a Discovery Summit work?

how finnders work

The host agency decides on a list of technology interest areas and the FINNDer and GOV FINNDer networks go to work to find government and commercial innovators in those areas for a day-long event with 7 minute speed pitches by the CEOs.

How do GOV FINNDERS fit in?

GOV FINNDers are government employees that have joined the FINND network and are connecting government resources to needs, with the goal of saving the government duplicative costs. Through GOV FINNDers, Discovery Summits help make Government decision makers aware of what already exists in the Government’s inventory.

Why should my Agency hold a Discovery Summit?

To expand your agency's view of technologies applicable to the mission space using the FINND network, and look beyond the 'usual suspects' to discover innovations on the horizon. Further, Discovery Summits energize the FINND network and will allow you to see what already exists elsewhere in government.

What is the Discovery Engine?

The Discovery Engine is the FINND's software platform developed by a government agency and given to the FINND to help facilitate innovation discovery. Discovery Summit Agencies get their own virtual dashboard to manage the FINND Discovery Summit process.

What does it cost?

Discovery Summits are inexpensive, cost-recovery only events (i.e. the use of a room, printing of programs, provided refreshments, etc.)

Are there any expectations?

There are no promises of contracts or follow on actions for the commercial companies and they attend on their own expense. The goal is discovery and communication, with no strings attached.

Watch a short video explaining the value of the FINND to the government:

Watch a short video describing how the FINND leverages the FINNDER Network to create the unique value of a Discovery Summit:

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